Procreate Texture Brushes by BigPear Liu

362 ratings

The best-selling brush has already sold over 7000+ units, Unlock Your Artistic Potential🎨 with our Amazing BrushSet!

ℹ️ BrushSet Overview

The brush collection offers both Standard and Advanced versions.

The Standard version is designed for creating watercolor, which aligns with our previous releases.

The Advanced version, our latest addition, which includes more sophisticated brushes that enhance the precision and delicacy of your artwork. It is not recommended to purchase the Advanced version without first acquiring the Standard version.

For optimal results, it is advised to purchase the Completed version, which includes all brushes for a comprehensive artistic experience.

📢 Notes

💬 Free Consulting. Contact me on Instagram if you encounter any problems about BrushSet or Drawings.

🔑 Preparation is key. Ensure you have an iPad, Procreate, and Apple Pencil before making a BrushSet purchase.

📄 About License. Your artwork created with my BrushSet can be used for commercial purposes, but selling or distributing the brushes directly is not allowed.

Got More Questions?

DM me on 📷 Instagram!

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Procreate Texture Brushes by BigPear Liu

362 ratings
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